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I send you some pictures with my new guitar Marin Cano (made by my cousin, equipped with Rio Grande pickups. In this address you can listen to my group: Recorded with a Fender Stratocaster with Rio Grande pickup in the neck. Best regards from Sevilla and thank you very much! I love Rio Grande! José C.4.5/5(2).

I am putting Rio Grande pickups in two other guitars, A Big Bottom Strat set in a Strat I'm building with a warmoth neck and a Fishman Power Bridge and another Tele for a friend. If the Big Bottom set performs as well as the Vintage Tele I'll replace the humbuckers in my 335 with Rio Grandes.5/5(2).

Apr 12, 2013 · The Muy Grande bridge still sounds quite tele, punchy with a big bass and clear treble, and lacks the big midrange "hump" of other overwound hot tele pickups like the Duncan Hot Tele or the Dimarzio Pre-B1. I vote Muy Grande, but if you want chicken pickin' vintage twang, the .