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Micah (Hebrew: מִיכָה הַמֹּרַשְׁתִּי Mīḵā hammōraštī “Micah the Morashtite”) was a prophet in Judaism who prophesied from approximately 737 to 696 BC in Judah and is the author of the Book of Micah.He is considered one of the twelve minor prophets of the Tanakh (Hebrew Bible) and was a contemporary of the prophets Isaiah, Amos and Hosea.Born: Moresheth.

Little is known about the personal life of the prophet Micah. He came from a town called Moreshet, and was therefore called Morashti. He lived during the reign of king Jotham of Judah, and succeeding kings, about 150 years before the destruction of Jerusalem by the Babylonian hosts.Author: Nissan Mindel.

Micah is a prophet who spoke to Israel in the midst of great sinfulness. He speaks to warn the of the impending judgment – the Babylonian captivity. It cannot be avoided now, so it is an imminent danger. However, in the midst of this doom, Micah seeks to let Israel know that they will be rescued, because God is faithful to his promises.