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Can someone tell me if sword specialization affects only swords or do i get an extra attack with a MH (fist) when OH (sword) proccs? PTR BFA Classic. Sword specialization. Sword-OH, Fist-MH. Post Reply. Return to board index. Post Reply. You are not logged in.

May 25, 2006 · Thus the final table should be independend from the weapons speed: MH Sword Spec Proc = 100% of MH damage OH sword spec proc = 50% of MH damage Special sword spec proc = 50% of MH damage Now its only a question what the impact of each source on the average proc-damage is and that depends of course on weather you use S&D and how fast your Author: Vitaminc.

So, you might use fist wepaons effectively in p3, if the eskhander offhand didn't suck. P4 adds two ZG drops, which have less dps than eskhanders and the mh is also very fast and the oh has only 42dps. So the bwl mh and this oh is a decent pairing, just worse than a sword combo. P5 you get a 1.6 speed mh.