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History of the "Sex Offender" history penalties for sex offenders

Dec 18, 2012 · MONSTERS, INC.: A Concise History of Sex Offender Laws. By: Derek W. Logue December 18, 2012. INTRODUCTION. In order to fully understand the current wave of sex offender legislation in the United States, it is important we take a look at the origin and evolution of these laws and examine the influences that created the current structure of sex.

Sep 16, 2016 · While watching an episode of Lockup one fine Saturday night, I couldn't help but notice a disturbing trend in the sentencing patterns of convicted sex offenders.. The amount of actual jail time for sex offenders is short. VERY short. Anecdotal evidence seemed to reveal that sex offenders serve less time than people who were convicted of stealing or drug possession.

Sexual assault crimes are the most abhorred classification of crimes outside of murder. When a defense attorney for a drug dealer is desperate for a plea of leniency, the closing argument will usually consist of, “at least my client is not a sex offender.” Because of high profile child sexual assault cases, the defenses, punishments, and registration requirements have significantly changed.