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Hairy tummy determines gender? - April 2017 Babies | Forums | What to Expect hairy tummy pregnant

Jan 02, 2018 · Some people believe that a hairy belly during pregnancy means you’re having a boy. However, there’s no research to back up this claim. A hairy Author: Kristeen Cherney.

I am 20 weeks pregnant and my tummy started getting hairy early on i call it my gorilla tummy some people get it and some don't Everyone told me I was going to have a boy but I just found out its a girl.

Mar 29, 2019 · Yes, a hairy belly is common in pregnancy – you may even sprout dark hair when you have fair hair yourself. Fuzziness and hairiness on your bump can often make an appearance in your second trimester, along with a neat dark line that stems from your belly button, called the linea nigra.Author: Claire O'donnell.