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Conspirators of Pleasure (Czech: Spiklenci slasti) is a 1996 black comedy film by Jan Švankmajer.His third feature film after Alice and Faust, it would go on to be nominated for the Golden Leopard at the Locarno International Film Festival.. Plot. In Prague, Mr. Pivoňka, an unmarried man, buys some pornography from his local newsagent, Mr. Kula, and returns home.Music by: Olga Jelinková, Stephen Quay, Timothy Quay.

“Tactile wooden spoons, pot lids, rolling pins and boards are alchemistic tools and our bodies are the crucible for the Magnum Opus of tactilism.” – Jan Švankmajer (1) Jan Švankmajer’s third feature film, Spiklenci slasti (Conspirators of Pleasure, 1996), a dialogue-free black comedy aspiring to create a synaesthetic experience for its audience, concerns the blithely [ ]Author: Cerise Howard.

Jan Švankmajer (Czech: [ˈjan ˈʃvaŋkmajɛr]; born 4 September 1934) is a Czech filmmaker and artist whose work spans several media. He is a self-labeled surrealist known for his animations and features, which have greatly influenced other artists such as Terry Gilliam, the Brothers Quay, and many others.Born: 4 September 1934 (age 84), Prague, Czechoslovakia.