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Jan 06, 2011 · How to Diagnose Vaginal Discharge. Vaginal discharge is a common symptom in women and is most often completely normal and a sign that the vagina is functioning properly. Your vagina has a naturally acidic pH in order to protect you against infection. A healthy vagina regularly secretes discharge that in turn carries 80%(22).

Jul 21, 2017 · Vaginal discharge color can say a lot about your health. The comforting news is that many colors are normal. But even if you know you’re in the clear, you may be wondering what the different Author: Sarah Aswell And Christal Yuen.

The spotting of clot like discharge slowly increased to light bleeding, then to heavy bleeding. I had even problem because I had 2 months with no period and then one full month of spotting and bleeding with this terrible clot like discharge. I was passing huge clots and I was worried.