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How to Do the Land O'Lakes Indian Butter (Boob) Trick « Practical Jokes & Pranks :: WonderHowTo landolakes boobs

The artwork for Minnesota's Land O' Lakes butter packaging is classic, dating back to 1928 when it was first created by Brown & Bigelow illustrator Arthur C. Hanson. The logo was updated ("modernized") once in 1939, again in the '50s, and has undergone minor modifications here and there since. The legendary packaging is good for two rather nerdy tricks: A) a very trippy optical illusion and B Author: Robin Mansur.

Dec 08, 2014 · This version is much simpler to do. They changed the box design from the time I had the first box to when I filmed the opening scene in the grocery store. That's why there are sun beams in the.

Mar 15, 2017 · These celebrities possess enormous boobs. Fantastic ones in most/all cases if you ask us. Go ahead and ogle away now, fellas!Author: Hilton Hater.