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Nov 12, 2012 · Over a greater distance however, the slug's terrible ballistic coefficient will slow them enough that'll start acting more as you'd expect. Give me a Brenneke or Gualandi slug for penetration and consistancy any day, though the Fosters seem to have a lot more "slap" and a great as long as the projectile holds up.

Feb 27, 2010 · As with most slug testing, total penetration of the load was longer than our gelatin photographing light fixture. As a result we photographed each block separately and spliced the two together for the first photograph. Here is a photo of the first block.

The Slug in the 20 did not perform very well. For some reason, it broke up into small pieces. Once again, the 12 Gauge Slug amazes us. It was devastating! Penetration was 5 jugs or almost 30 inches. That is equivalent to almost 15 inches of penetration of flesh. Lots of dead water jugs left. A fine day of shooting. And, shooting stuff is fun!