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Mature Adventure(r)s Guild. Home. News Welcome to the new MAC Guild forums. Please use your same username as from previous forums. We will add more forums and enhance this as time goes on. Just wanted to get it up and running and get people registered for now. Legend. New Posts.

Dec 04, 2009 · Update: The new guild forums long time coming have arrived. We will be experiencing a few days while we all change over. is up and running and ready for registrations. With the recent deletion of our yearlong running thread about the MAC (Mature Adventurers Club) I thought it necessary to post a new thread. I am not the guild leader, just a humble officer.

Jul 28, 2009 · MAC is the Mature adventurers club. We are a group of mature like minded players who enjoy questing with other mature players. We are disciples of Stoney(our fearless leader). Do you need to be 40 to be in our group? Hell NO! but you better not act 12 or spoiled or be a "Richard Cranium" Folks under 20 do need to talk to Featherstone himself.