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Where can I buy internal condoms? Internal condoms can sometimes be a little harder to find than traditional condoms. The only brand of internal condom that’s FDA approved and available in the U.S. is the FC2 Female Condom®. It’s available online at the FC2 Female Condom® website, at many Planned Parenthood health centers.

You will receive 6 individual FC2 female condoms. It allows the condom to acclimate to your body temperature which allows for an even more pleasurable experience. Also, keep in mind thatpeople of all genders can use the FC2 -I prefer to call it the internal or receptive condom because it can be used vaginally OR anally.

I Got My Friends to Try Female Condoms. Here’s What They Thought. Diane Kelly. 5/27/15 3:09pm One of the selling points of the female condom is supposed to be that a woman can insert it Author: Diane Kelly.