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vaginal fourchet

The frenulum of labia minora (fourchette or posterior commissure of the labia minora) is a frenulum where the labia minora meet posteriorly. Pathology. The fourchette FMA: 20404.

A fourchette piercing is a female genital piercing.It is a piercing done at the rear rim of the vulva, in the area of frenulum labiorum pudendi.Many women do not have a pinchable flap of skin in the area, and are not suited for this piercing.Location: Frenulum labiorum pudendi.

Fourchette Verte Suisse, active in the French-speaking part of the country and in Ticino, is a label that eateries may qualify for if they offer at least one meal on the menu that is nutritionally balanced according to specific criteria, and served in hygienic conditions on non-smoking premises.