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Ahab orders a harpoon forged in the expectation that he will soon encounter Moby Dick. He baptizes the harpoon with the blood of the Pequod’s three harpooners. The Pequod kills several more whales. Issuing a prophecy about Ahab’s death, Fedallah declares that Ahab will first see two hearses, the second of which will be made only from American wood, and that he will be killed by hemp rope.Author: Herman Melville.

Ahab is eventually killed by his own harpoon-line, in an attempt to harpoon Moby Dick before the whale smashes into the Pequod.

Ishmael is the only survivor of the Pequod’s encounter with Moby Dick. He escapes only because he had been thrown clear of the area in the wreck of Ahab’s harpoon boat. Queequeg’s coffin bobs up and becomes Ishmael’s life buoy. A day after the wreck, the Rachel saves Ishmael as she continues to search for her own lost crew.