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Welcome to our Exercise for Thumb Range of Motion page. Contact Hand Surgical Associates Boston today at 781-890-2133 or visit our office servicing Boston, MA. Thumb Exercises. All exercises should be done slowly and smoothly. Maintain the desired position for 3-5 second before relaxing.

Your thumb should be pointing up towards the ceiling, according to Boston Hand Surgical Associates. Slowly bend your thumb so that is crosses the palm of your hand. Try to reach your thumb as close to your little finger as possible. Hold this position for a few seconds. Bend both of the joints in your thumb as you complete this exercise.

Thumb Exercises: Active Motion The goal of these exercises is to regain or maintain function of your thumb. It uses an exercise method called active range of motion. Your occupational therapist has designed these exercises to meet your specific needs. For best results, please perform each exercise as .