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Apr 20, 2016 · The heart of the “Hawkins vs. McGee” case is the value of a perfect hand or the loss of human opportunity because of a deformed, hairy hand. The story starts on a stormy March night in 1914, when two downed electrical wires cross, causing a surge of .

Apr 19, 2017 · Hawkins v. McGee Case Brief. Statement of the Facts: Plaintiff Hawkins, when he was a boy, touched an electric wire with his right hand. That resulted in severe burns, which left scar tissue in the palm of his hand. Some nine years later, Hawkins and his father went to a doctor, Defendant McGee.

Mar 08, 2014 · A doctor, Defendant McGee, operated on Plaintiff Hawkins’ hand and performed a skin graft. P had sustained the hand injury nine years prior to the operation in an accident which had no relation to D. D spoke the words, “I will guarantee to make the hand a hundred per cent perfect hand or a hundred per cent good hand.”.