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When women undergo breast augmentation, they should know that, eventually, they may need to have their implants replaced.There are many reasons why a woman may need or want to have her implants replaced. The most common motivation is basic aesthetics.

Jul 08, 2014 · How Long Do Breast Implants Last? Jul 9, 2014 Pamela Ashworth I have had breast implants for 14 years and I am now developing a large rash under my left breast, and it hurts and I feel alot of air pockets. One doctor told me to replace them every 10 years and another told me you never have to replace them Breast implant replacement depends.

Jan 23, 2018 · After doing some online research, many women considering breast implants have the notion that they'll need to replace their implants a decade after surgery. This is due in large part to a 2011 report by the Food and Drug Administration on the safety of silicone implants that noted one out of five patients needed a replacement or revision after 10 years.Author: Tenley Lawton, MD.