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license to give facials

May 09, 2017 · We (Massage Therapists) can do facial massage, but there are other elements of a facial treatment which aren’t covered under our scope of practice. While MTs are trained to look for suspicious lesions on the skin to report back to the client, esth.

Facial Courses Learn Facial Training. We have designed our online facial courses for each and every individual no matter where you live around the world. Contrary to the common misconception that facials are only for the women who have come of age, for both women and men alike, regardless of their age, frequent facials are absolutely mandatory.

Earn an Esthetician License: With the exception of Connecticut, every state requires you to earn a license before you can work as an esthetician. Licensure won't be granted until you complete the mandated number of training hours, which, along with the other requirements, varies by state. We give each other facials, makeup and the nail.