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just because im asian

Dec 12, 2009 · Best Answer: Just Because Im 100% black doesnt mean I cant be 33% asian and 33% white. Just because Im black doesnt mean I say "C'mon Son!" Just Because I like Miley Cyrus,doesnt mean I dont think she acts like a slut. Just because I like white guys, doesnt mean I dont like black guys too. Just because Im Followers: 6.

Jan 19, 2016 · If you're going to make an Asian joke/stereotype, you better make it a good one." I never realized how ridiculous each stereotype was until I thought to myself, "Just because I'm Asian doesn't mean I follow these generalizations.".

Dec 18, 2016 · Just Because I’m Asian. Just because I’m Asian. Doesn’t mean I’m a maths genius. Doesn’t mean I have small eyes. Doesn’t mean I’m from China. Just because I’m Asian. Doesn’t mean I’m a nerd. Doesn’t mean I like manga. Doesn’t mean I play Warcraft all the time. Just because I’m Asian. I’m just the same as you are.