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Jun 15, 2009 · My last road trip was awesome because I wore a diaper for the entire 800 mile drive I hate stopping to use the bathroom. It wastes so much time so heres a quick one.My gf normally doesnt like it when I wear my diapers around her, but the last time we took a long road trip I told her how I r.

Bring adult cleansing wipes - These are essential for almost every part of the trip. When you're at the airport, in between excursions or even on the plane, train or car. Don't let incontinence get in the way of your travels. Your diapers, pads or chux can travel with you or meet you at your destination.

The trip was great, we caught up and chatted non stop for the first couple of hours, I’d brought some music along, a playlist of loads of stuff that we used to dance to back in the day. It was great and It brought home to m just how brilliant it was to be around her. There I was, carefully tightening this adult diaper awkwardly around my.