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Obesity and Down’s Syndrome. Chronic obesity is one of the more serious long-term health problems that often affects people with Adolescence is another risky time, with a huge number of children with Down’s Syndrome becoming obese right along with all the other body changes of puberty.

Jan 01, 2007 · INTRODUCTION. Down's syndrome is the most common identified cause of intellectual disabilities in the UK, 1 with a prevalence of 10.3 per 10 000 registered births. 2 Some medical conditions are over-represented in people with Down's syndrome, although accurate prevalence data are not widely published. 3 Most of these conditions are treatable disorders which, if undiagnosed, impose an Cited by: 111.

Men with Down syndrome were more likely to be in the overweight category than their matched pairs but were less likely to be obese (odds ratio = 0.85). CONCLUSIONS: This study demonstrates that, compared to a matched sample, there is a greater prevalence of obesity amongst women with Down syndrome but not men.Cited by: 209.