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10 Best Nudist Beaches, Resorts, and Campsites in Spain swingers beaches in spain

In theory, any beach in Spain can be a nudist beach. however, in practice nudists congregate in particular beaches, usually those slightly out of the way. The Spanish have a remarkably relaxed attitude towards nudity on their beaches. While it’s not unusual to see sun-lovers in various states of undress, topless or full nudity, on any.

Cabo de Gata is an unspoiled area of beaches in the southeast of Spain that hosts a collection of hippie communes, nature parks, and plenty of clothing-optional beaches. Media Luna, Cala Carbón, and Cala del Barronal are just some of the nudist beaches in this area.

Nude Beaches and Naturist area in Spain. By a strange quirk of the Spanish Constitution, nudity is allowed in any public space in Spain! This means that you are legally allowed to walk around naked on all public beaches, beside all rivers, in all the forests and even in the streets of your town!