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WHAT IS UDO’S CHOICE® SUPER 8 HI-POTENCY PROBIOTIC? Part of our multiple award-winning collection of condition-specific probiotics, Udo’s Choice Super 8 Hi-Potency Probiotic is a medicinal blend of eight human-adapted (aka resident or non-transient) live probiotics.4.9/5(24).

Super 8 Probiotic includes 8 strains of beneficial bacteria. The high level of L. acidophilus in t his formula helps maintain proper yeast balance in the body, and is ideal for travelers to help maintain healthy flora while away from home.Brand: Flora.

Buy Udo's Choice - Super 8 Probiotic 30 Count - 42 Billion CFU, High Potency, Vegetarian Probiotics for Women & Men, Yeast Balance on FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders4/4(251).