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Incest pornography is a genre of pornography involving the depiction of incest (sexual activity between relatives). Incest pornography can feature actual relatives, but the main type of this pornography is fauxcest, which features non-related actors of similar looks to suggest family relationship.This genre includes actors with various levels of kinship, including first cousins, aunts, uncles.

Incest means sexual intercourse between people who are closely related. Usually, this means members of the same family. In many societies, it is forbidden by law and religion. Which relatives it is forbidden to have sex with depends on the law, religion and culture. If pregnancy is a risk, there may be reasons based on health.

Incest is sexual activity between close family members. Incest is considered taboo, and forbidden (fully or slightly) in the majority of current cultures.The precise meaning of the word varies widely, because different cultures have differing notions of "sexual activity" and "close family member".