Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) in Men: Symptoms, Treatment, and More - do adult diapers cause bladder infections


Urinary Tract Infections – Symptoms, Cause and Treatment do adult diapers cause bladder infections

My mother is continent and does not use adult diapers but has had the same problem on and off over the past few years. What we have found is that she needs to stay well hydrated. Good daily bowel movements are also important because the stool can put pressure on the bladder, causing urine to remain inside and thereby causing bladder infections.

If left untreated, a urinary tract infection can lead to other problems like infection of the kidneys. As a caregiver of an elderly loved one you need to focus your efforts on helping your loved one to change out their adult diapers and to wash their skin so they do not become susceptible to urinary tract infections.

Adult Diapers May Diagnose Urinary Tract Infections. but also for specific conditions like urinary tract infections and diabetes and nutritional health. Urinary Tract Infections Can Cause Pain During Intercourse. UTIs and Yeast Infections: How to Know the Difference.Author: Dr. Gail Gross Ph.D. Ed.D.