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The 4 Best Dog Crates for Greyhounds (REVIEWS & TIPS) crate training adult greyhounds

Jul 07, 2011 · Incentivize crate time without treats. Treats are the best option but if you think you're overfeeding the dog but still have more training to do, you can crate train without treats. Bring your dog over to the crate and play with it or talk to it in a happy tone of voice.100%(1).

Jul 30, 2019 · This is the 7th installment in my 8 part series: A guide to crate training (click to see the complete series. This article answers the question: How to crate train an older dog. Maybe you’ve just adopted an adult dog? Or your own has suddenly developed destructive habits later in life?

Crate training your greyhound is a great way to ensure a smooth transition from a kennel environment into a home. A crate gives your greyhound its own space in an unfamiliar house, helps with toileting, cat training, child safety and also protects your home from any mischief a new greyhound could get up to.