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How to fix an open bite anterior open bite in adults

There are various types of open bite: Anterior open bite – when the teeth are biting together, there is no overlapping between the opposing front teeth. Posterior open bite – This type of open bite is characterized by a space in between the back teeth, especially when the teeth are biting together.

May 14, 2018 · A person with an anterior open bite has front upper and lower teeth that slant outward so they don't touch when their mouth is closed. An open bite can not only be Author: Scott Frothingham.

A malocclusion characterized by an open bite is one of the most difficult conditions to treat because it results from the interaction of multiple etiologic factors. 1-3 Many case reports and techniques have been reported for the orthodontic treatment of anterior open bites. Appling intrusive forces to posterior teeth is a treatment option to close anterior open bites. 4,5 Nevertheless.