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Leak Master Pull On Adult Plastic Pants adult wicking vinyl pants

Vinyl -- Slightly softer in feel and very quiet for additional discretion because the material minimizes rustling noises to bolster day-to-day confidence. Latex-free plastic -- Ideal for those with latex allergies. Shopper's Tip for Adult Plastic Pants and Diaper Covers. Look for models that feature reinforced vinyl .

The elastic on the leg and waist of the 50300V are inside encased in vinyl to prevent wicking. All waterproof pants can be machine washed and dried in the dryer except the rubber and latex pants. Machine or hand wash and hang to dry. Our adult waterproof covers are available in four styles – Pull-On Pant, Lined Pant, Snap Pant, & Fancy Pant.

Non-Wicking adult plastic Waterproof Pants continue to be one of our bestselling waterproof diaper covers. The reason for their popularity is that some people find that when the cloth wound elastic of standard elastic becomes wet there is a transfer of wetness to outer clothing or bedding.