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Tail Docking In Dogs - Good Pet Parent adult weimaraner tail docking

Tail docking is, essentially, amputation or partial amputation of a dog's tail. Along with ear docking, it is usually performed on very young puppies (typically Dobermans, German shorthaired pointers, and schnauzers of certain breeds).While there are historical reasons for this procedure, dockings today are almost always undertaken for cosmetic reasons often related to showing purebreds.

The Weimaraner is athletic in appearance. Traditionally, the tail is docked. In countries where this is still carried out, the docked tail should measure approximately 6 inches in the adult dog, and this is part of the American Kennel Club breed standard. Tail docking is illegal in several countries, where the breed is shown with an entire tail.Common nicknames: Raner, Grey Ghost.

What legnth should a weimaraner's tail be docked and when? breeder for that information and you do like the dock on your girl have the vet check the number of vertebrae in the adult dog's tail and then dock to the same number of vertebrae in the puppies. In my opinion tail docking is better done sooner than later and only rarely will I wait.