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Adult singing groups in the Berkeley area? Dec 2012. I was hoping to have the BPN community chime in (heehee) on the various adult singing groups out there. The last query was in 2002, and I know we have a rich musical pool in the East Bay. Could you please update and let us know the genre? anon.

Nov 06, 2014 · casa washington The Contemporary A Cappella Society. They range from "show up and sing" community choirs to professional groups with very demanding audition processes. Most have some sort of instrumental accompaniment. sacred, secular, Broadway and popular. Program features training in music theory, sight singing, vocal training.

A vocal group is a of singers who sing and harmonize together with a backup band.While some group members may play their own instruments, it is uncommon. Groups that play their own instruments are generally categorized as bands instead of vocal groups.