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Sibling Wars: What to Do When Your Adult Children Fight adult sibling fights

Aug 28, 2019 · Sibling rivalry isn't always outgrown in childhood, however; in some cases, it only intensifies as time passes. While people often think of sibling rivalry as a childhood phenomenon, adult sibling rivalry is a common phenomenon in which adult siblings struggle to get along, argue, or are even estranged from one another.

Sibling rivalry traces its roots back to early childhood when siblings compete with each other for their parents' love and attention. Although it is common to feel threatened by this competition in childhood, it often continues unresolved into adulthood, according to Elizabeth Bernstein, author of ".

There are two personality types who appear prone to being estranged by siblings: those who are extremely hostile and those whom Jeanne Safer, a New York City psychotherapist, calls grievance Author: Sara Eckel.