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Adult Protective Services receives and investigates reports of allegations of abuse, abandonment, neglect, self-neglect and financial exploitation of vulnerable adults living in the community and in facilities. Information for the General Public.

Sep 16, 2019 · APS does not have the authority to take custody of any adult for any reason. APS was established by the Adult Protective Services Act of 1984, effective March 14, 1985 (DC Law 5-156; D.C. Official Code §§ 7-1901, et seq.), as amended (APS Statute). APS’s statute is available to the public on LexisNexis’s website.

If you feel that you parents are at risk for the physical or financial welfare, file a report with Adult Protective Services (APS) 1-866-363-4276. Seattle Intake (206) 341-7660. APS will do a home visit and make an assessment of their needs. Have medical assesments done.