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May 31, 2011 · As far as beverages go, I think that having a milk bar, with chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla milk in Mason jars (on ice) could actually be super-sweet and retro. (See Leela's recipe for strawberry milk here). You could also have soda on hand to make homemade egg creams (with a bit of booze, if you're so inclined).

Drinks That Go With Chocolate Cake Milk. Chocolate cake with a tall glass of milk is a traditional pairing. Coffee. Coffee and chocolate cake are delicious together. Your coffee can be iced or hot. Dessert Wine. There are many, sweet wines to enjoy with chocolate cake. Stout. Stout is a dark.

Sep 05, 2007 · What to drink with cake Plain madeira, pound cakes or almond cakes. Lemon cakes. Lemon can be tricky if the lemon flavour is particularly intense. Fruit cakes. A great opportunity to show off a sweet sherry or Madeira. Iced cakes such as cupcakes. The .